MULTIDISCIPLINARY /mʌltɪdɪsəˈplɪnəri/


  • combining or involving several academic disciplines or professional specializations in an approach to a topic or problem.

Encapsulating genres, & employing mixed media techniques, I take a conceptual approach to the medium of photography, encompassing personal & well known theories & beliefs.

Working as a Surrealist photographer, underlying themes in my work centre around longing, beauty, freedom, humanity, & doom, delving into philosophy, my private life & world as a whole.

I hold my work to visual quality of the same depth, working with minimalism, as well as having a unique flare for colour palette & femininity.

I implement my styling into all categories, able to tailor to commercial and clientele briefs.

Careful intricacy in processing is applied. Using a variety of distinct styles, I paint, embroider, collage & layer to challenge & transcend the meaning of what it is to be a photographer. Art resonates in all my work, whether it be by manipulating by hand, digitally, within the shoot, or solely through styling.

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